How do I restore Microsoft 365 Mail?

Once the initial backup for a user has successfully run, an administrator can navigate to restore data on behalf of a user by clicking the icon and selecting View Backups:

In the Backups view, the mailbox data is displayed in a point-in-time snapshot - showing the emails and folder structure from the specific date of the backup. One or more messages or entire folders can be selected to be restored. 

Previous backups can be viewed by opening up the calendar, which then displays the days that have a backup.

When an administrator restores data, they’ll be presented with the option to restore directly back into the account from where the data was backed up, or they have the option to restore into another user's account. 

If the different user option is selected for the destination of the restored data, a list of users will display from which to select:

After selecting the target account for the restoration and confirming the operation you will receive a confirmation message "Restore operation successfully initiated."  



You have two options for accessing past and current activities from jobs:  You can either click on the bell icon to review the most recent five activities as seen below, or, access the activities tab from the left navigation pane for more activities.  

In the Activity section, you will find two distinct tabs: 'Current' and 'Past activities.' The 'Current' tab displays all ongoing tasks, such as restores, exports, or manual backups. Meanwhile, the 'Past activities' tab stores the historical records of completed tasks. This feature serves as a progress tracker, helping you monitor the status of ongoing jobs.




If you so desire, from the activities tab, you may cancel any ongoing task.  


Once the restore is initiated, a restored folder with the timestamp of the restore will be created with the newly restored emails in the Microsoft 365 account.  When the restore has been completed you will also receive an email. 

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