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BMS (v5.4.0) - Aug 2021

This release includes new features, improvements, and fixes.

What's New! 

New Service Desk

In our previous Release 5.0.0, we introduced a brand New Service Desk Experience. Navigate to My Profile > Preferences > Service Desk Experience > New view to enable the new ticketing interface. Find the detailed guide here.

Deep links

Deep-link Contracts: Users can easily access the contract information of a ticket by clicking on the Contract deep link. When the deep link is clicked a new tab with the Contract details will be presented.


  • The Resolve button is available for a 1-click ticket closure.
  • The Company phone field is added under the Account field, to populate phone numbers.
  • Visual enhancements for the ticket side panel. The Details section is now placed on top, followed by the Contact.
  • The filter funnel icon in activities is enhanced.
  • When adding an asset to a ticket, clear the contact filter to see all the assets linked to the CRM account.


Release Notes

Service Desk

The last login name field is available in the search section of the hardware assets. 

RMM Integration

Pagination has been added for the Custom Asset location mapping to show all machine groups. By default, 50 records will be displayed per page.

New Service Desk

The start date for a time entry is shown in the activities pane. 

New Service Desk

Add contact shortcut is enhanced to pick up the typed text from the search to first and last name fields.

New Service Desk

Fixed: When sharing a view, the search by specific queues or employees was not displaying correct results. 

Xero Integration

Fixed: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" error when trying to export Account Code to Xero Australian Version.

Service Desk

Fixed: In a Workflow, Ticket sender: NOT LIKE was not respecting the "%" separator.

Service Desk

Fixed: Emails with the body having <> tags were skipped by the parser.


Fixed: Invoice generated from ad-hoc reports did not preserve all filters on the related reports.


Fixed:  Accounts with the special character ', did not show up in the search results. 

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