BMS (v4.0.41) - Feb 2021

This release includes new features, improvements, and fixes.

New Features

ITG Hybrid Reports - Expanding on the existing IT Glue integration, we've introduced reportable items from IT Glue, which enable you to report on and understand the impact of documentation on service delivery. System-defined reports are available under Reports > Ad Hoc Reports; from there, the IT Glue reportable items can be found under System Reports > IT Glue. Here is a detailed guide.

  • Stale Passwords Report - Filter for passwords that have not been updated in the last 1 year.
  • Aging Assets Reports - Identify older machines that might be candidates for being pulled from service, or configuration items that might need to be updated or purged.

New KB Articles

  • Automation with Workflows: Using Keywords - This article is a part of the Workflow Automation Series. In this guide, we will cover how to set up a workflow to trigger using certain texts or portions of text.
  • Setting Up Calendar Sync in PSA - The guide explains the Calendar Sync feature on the Home page. This feature enables a PSA user to automatically and securely bi-directionally sync their My Calendar items with a linked calendar on Office 365, Exchange,, Google, or iCloud.

Release Notes

RMM Integration 

Fixed: In Chrome, at some browser window sizes, the Kaseya Live Connect button would not respond.


Fixed: When attempting to export an invoice for a child account to QuickBooks Desktop, PSA erroneously created a new account. Downloading the new version of the connector fixes the issue.


Fixed: When cloning a recurring service contract, if the user changed the billable units, proration was calculated incorrectly.

Service Desk

Fixed: Saved views did not preserve the user-selected order setting when ordering by ticket status.


Fixed: European currency formats were not displayed correctly in the Amount field of purchase order charges.

Fixed: Creation of API user type failed when the tenant had no active licenses.



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