BMS (v4.0.39) - Dec 2020

This release includes new features, improvements, and fixes.

New Features

Unified Quoting  - Product and Service quotes are now completely unified, obviating the need to create two separate quotes based on the type of item you are quoting. The new form is simply called 'Quotes' and contains all of the functionality of the Product Quotes form. 

Threading By Message ID - The system now threads emails based on the Message ID property in the email header. This means that emails without a ticket number in the subject line can still be correlated to the proper ticket.

Tickets By Asset - Users can now filter tickets on the ticket list view based on the affected hardware or software asset. Using this feature, technicians can look up ticket history based on hardware asset in order to uncover recurring and/or cascading issues, or determine whether a machine is generally problematic.

Deprecation Notice

The Product Quotes functionality is deprecated. You may continue using Product Quotes until all of your quotes reach Accepted status. For new quotes, we recommend using the new Unified Quoting functionality.

Release Notes


In Ad-Hoc Reports, Inventory > Stock Adjustment New Item category has been added so that users can report on manual stock adjustments.


In Ad-Hoc Reports, a Service Desk > Hardware Assets Disk Volumes category has been added so that users can report on disk volumes from assets imported from VSA.

Service Desk

Assets Disk Volumes tab has been added to the Asset Detail Page under Service Desk > Hardware assets. This tab shows data corresponding to the disk utilization of the VSA synced asset.


When creating an activity from a Contact, the Contact field now auto-populates.


The summary box for quotes is no longer restricted to 1000 characters.


The Work Type field has been added to the Updates section of a workflow.

Azure Integration

Azure AD Integration now syncs phone types and phone numbers. If a phone type is not present in the PSA, it will be created automatically so no mapping is required.

General The alert message that is displayed when a company's PSA subscription expires has been updated.

Pagination has been added to the display of security roles.


Exporting invoices to Quickbooks now takes Invoice level tax item into consideration.

If the invoice has a taxable product and "Tax Item" empty, it will be exported to Quickbooks with Tax value as "Non". If the invoice has a taxable product and "Tax Item" is applied on the invoice, the exported invoice will show the tax value based on its tax settings.


Fixed: When the number of employees was very large, the system returned an error when attempting to add employees to a security scope.

Service Desk

Fixed: The hyperlink to the agent procedures log inside the ticket activity log returned a 404.


Fixed: After two consecutive save operations on a contact, the Enable Bill by Contact field was disabled after the second save.

Email Parser

Fixed: Email parser skipped incoming emails that had no value for the Content-Type property in the email header.

Email Parser

Fixed: The email parser could not process emails if there were angle brackets (<>) in the email subject line. These characters are not stripped before the ticket is generated.

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