BMS (v4.0.37) - Oct 2020

This release includes new features, improvements, and fixes.

New Features

Asset Location mapping - VSA admins create Group IDs with a variety of syntaxes and semantics across all of their organizations. Often Group ID indicates physical location or department but is it commonly has other meanings, e.g, network location, region, etc. Now, when syncing assets from VSA to PSA, you can represent the semantics of the Machine Group ID in the location field. The location can be defined as an office location defined under the Account, a Department defined under the account, or the location can be set to the Machine Group ID.

Release Notes


Many MSPs have a dedicated person to tidy time entries on behalf of technicians. Previously this is happening outside of the PSA. While edits to existing entries were already permitted, two new security permissions are available to facilitate add and delete:
  • Add Ticket Time Log Entries For Another User
  • Delete Another User's Ticket Time Log Entries
  • To enable this Navigate to Admin > Security > Roles > Service Desk module > Special Features.


When a user edits a ticket via the Assign button, all changes are captured in the audit log, and all changes are displayed in the activity log if the edits contain a comment. 


There was a global Bill By Contact switch under Admin > My Company. This switch controls the visibility of Bill By Contact fields and was introduced to facilitate beta. It is now removed, and these fields are now visible by default for all PSA tenants.


Pagination has been added to the display of security roles to accommodate the display of roles with many users assigned to it.


When adding tasks to a timesheet, the user can filter for only tasks in open projects, regardless of the task status.


Ad hoc reports now support creating reports with Tickets and Contacts categories, e.g., in order to report on tickets opened by contact.


Ad hoc reports now support creating reports with the Product Availability and Product Supplier categories, e.g., in order to report on products that need to be reordered.

RMM Integration

The CCs field is now available on the client portal so that users are able to notify others in their organization when a ticket is created. The specified address will be included on the distribution list for all emails from the MSP, and any replies from the client organization.


API command Get Ticket Timelogs now returns both public and internal notes.

Active Directory Fixed: Improved the log message produced when Active Directory is enabled but JIT is not working.
RMM Integration Fixed: The Contact Support menu option for the VSA Agent did not detect the correct Location for the Contact.
Integration Fixed: Long account names were truncated in the invoice record, which caused an error in Xero, and prevented the invoice from being exported.
Servicedesk Fixed: The ticket audit log could not be displayed in German or Dutch.



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