BMS (v4.0.35) - Aug 2020

 This release includes new features, improvements, and fixes.

New Features

QuoteWerks Native Integration - As of QuoteWerks Version 5.5 Build 5.13, QuoteWerks offers native integration with BMS. Build quotes that mix and match products and services from BMS and QuoteWerks product data sources. Configure QuoteWerks to handoff when the quote converts in order in order to complete the sales cycle in the BMS.

Retroactive Prorated Billing - Introduced in BMS 4.0.34, Billing Managers can now send invoices for recurring services in advance, and have any quantity increments or decrements during the invoiced period show up as a prorated charges in the subsequent invoice. This feature is available for all billing unit types.

Deprecation Notice

QuoteWerks Connector, the plugin developed by Kaseya, is no longer available for download. Support for the plugin will be discontinued on October 31, 2020.

Release Notes


The API can now return the Bill By User status and Billing Effective Date for contacts.


Get tickets API is enhanced to support tickets pagination by adding Total Count to the result list 

Ad-hoc reports  

Enabled Join between Contracts and CRM Accounts 

Ad-hoc reports 

Additional Exago filters have been added to enable users to produce reports in the UTC time range congruent with their user time zone.



Fixed: When MFA is enabled, the browser focus was on the username field rather than the MFA code field.


Fixed: The opportunity edit page listed the first contact in the drop-down rather than the correct contact for the opportunity.


Fixed: An error was returned when attempting to enable client portal access from VSA for a contact that is synced with IT Glue.


Fixed: When updating unit price, the billing amount for the first period was calculated incorrectly.


Fixed: A one-day proration was applied to the first month of a contract when the service effective date was the first of the month

Adhoc Reports

Fixed: Users were not able to add CRM data and Contract data to the same ad hoc report.

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