Vorex (v4.0.34) - 4 July 2020

This release includes new features, improvements and fixes.

New Features

  • Bill By User - Bill accounts by number of supported users. Managers can choose exactly which contacts are billable. The contacts billed are detailed in Billing Review and can appear on the invoice. Proration is automatically applied when the billing unit increases or decreases in the middle of the billing period. Proration is automatically calculated whether you bill at the beginning or the end of the billing period.

  • Retroactive Prorated Billing Billing Managers can now send invoices for recurring services in advance, and have any quantity increments or decrements during the invoiced period show up as a prorated charges in the subsequent invoice. This feature is available for all billing unit types. 

  • Azure AD IntegrationThe BMS integration with Azure Active Directory enables contacts and users to be automatically created and synced based on the users that are defined in one or more Active Directory tenantsPrimary integration is with Azure AD, but it can be used with on premises Active Directory via Azure AD Connect. Additionally, Active Directory records will propagate to IT Glue if that integration is enabled.

Decommission Notice

There are two ways to authenticate with AuthAnvil (renamed Passly):

  • AuthAnvil Authenticator (called Legacy Authenticator in Vorex)
  • Single Sign-on with Passly

AuthAnvil Authenticator was deprecated in November 2019 with the release of  version 4.0.27. As of July 4, 2020, the current version is 4.0.34. AuthAnvil Authenticator is now scheduled for removal. All organizations must migrate to Single Sign-on (SSO) with Passly by July 24, 2020. After this date, users will not be able to log in if your organization is using AuthAnvil Authenticator. See below for setup instructions for Single Sign-on with Passly.


Release Notes



In CRM > Accounts, additional columns are displayed in the Contacts tab to enable users to more quickly find and add contacts.


Batch delete and update actions are now available on the contact list page, CRM > Contacts.



Additional columns and filters are available on the contact list page, CRM > Contacts.


Ad Hoc Reporting Enhancements: 1) Resolution Summary has been added to the Tickets Table; 2) A Join between the Tickets Table and the Invoice Design Detail Table has been added.

Service Desk

On the ticket details page, the Notification tab under Add Notes and add Time Entries has been refactored in order to improve performance for accounts with a very large number of contact records. 


The API has been hardened against javascript injection.


Fixed: The ticket details page did not display custom fields for contacts.


Fixed: If Just In Time provisioning is creating an Employee and there is an existing Contact, the contact was deactivated.

Email Parser

Fixed: When an incoming email was from a domain that was defined, but a contact that was not defined, the system did not create a ticket.


Fixed: The system returned a 404 when attempting to open a invoice receipt attachment.


Fixed: To avoid user error, users are prevented from creating invoice credits using negative prices. Only negative quantities should be used to create service credits.


Fixed: Emails sent by billing automation did not use the specified email template.


Fixed: In Finance > Billing Automation, the time picker widget could sometimes display selections in hh:mm:ss.sss. The display has been limited to hh:mm.


FixedThe system did not allow the user to use cent values South African currency. The system has been updated to use "." as the decimal separator for this currency.


Fixed: A display issue in the QuickBooks integration wizard prevented the user from viewing/selecting from the complete list of importable items.


Fixed: If a change in the Office 365 configuration caused the calendar sync to fail, the in-app remediation offered to the user returned an error.


Fixed: In the Related Documents tab, when a vaulted password was displayed, the Copy button copied the encrypted value, not the real password. The behaviour of this button has been updated to redirect the user to IT Glue to obtain the password.


FixedA timezone mismatch with VSA on-premises prevented the system from acquiring logs for agent procedures triggered by workflows.


Fixed: Contact record updates were not syncing to Xero.

Service Desk

Fixed: Users could not absorb tickets while using the 3CX Chrome Extension.


Fixed: When logging time under My Grouped Tasks, the Time Log pop-up did not default to the user's rate as defined in the Project. 




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