Vorex (v4.0.33) - 30 May 2020

This release has a number of incremental improvements and fixes.


Vorex CRM

  • The contact may now be activated/deactivated with an effective date, when modifying a contact in an account record.


Vorex Reports

  • Ad-hoc reports can now include occurrence details (Occurrence Count and Last Occurrence) for tickets related to VSA alarms.


Vorex APIs

  • Added a new API endpoint to retrieve Sales Tax Items.
  • Added StartDateUTC and EndTimeUTC properties to the response for the GET Timesheet Timelogs API endpoint.

Bug Fixes

Vorex RMM Integrations

  • Fixed an issue where the VSA agent was counted two similarly named organizations.

Vorex Service Desk

  • Fixed an issue where the Agent Procedure did not work when creating a ticket from VSA.
  • Fixed an issue where workflow cleared a contact from a ticket when it was configured to update the account field. 

Vorex APIs

  • Fixed an issue where users could not authenticate through SSO to the mobile application  if they used an email address as their username.
  • Fixed an issue where emails were sent to CCs when internal notes were added to a ticket.
  • Fixed an issue where Ticket Activity was missing from the Modules list under API Lookups in the API documentation.

Vorex Inventory

  • Fixed an issue when the same inventory item was added to a product quote multiple times, and the user attempted to delete one, the system was deleted the selected duplicate item.

Vorex Finance

  • Fixed an issue where updating a recurring service item in a contract, without updating the quantity, caused incorrect calculation of proration amounts.

Vorex General

  • Fixed an issue where irrelevant options appeared in CRM > Accounts > Location > Country drop-down when modifying the address of an account location.

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