Vorex (v4.0.32) - 25 April 2020

This release has a number of incremental improvements and fixes.


Vorex APIs

  • The API now supports the ability to set 'External Authentication Type' when importing contacts into Vorex.
  • The API now includes GET endpoints for Work Type and (Finance) Role.

Vorex CRM

  • Added pagination to the Contact list to support thousands of contact for a single account on the Account page.

Vorex Email Parser

  • Added logic to prevent email parser from looping.

Vorex Service Desk

  • Added an ability to have the ticket work type preset based on the ticket template.

Vorex Reports

  • Under Ad Hoc Reports, CRM views can now be joined to the 'Invoice Design Header' view. This allows you to add more fields from the CRM when creating custom invoice templates.

Vorex QB Integration

  • The QuickBooks Desktop (QBD) connector application can now be used with a user account that requires Multi-Factor Authentication.
  • Added mapping on credit card payment method while importing invoice from QuickBooks Online.

Bug Fixes

Vorex QB Integration

  • Fixed an issue where the correct currency did not sync during exporting of account to Quickbooks Online.

Vorex APIs

  • Fixed an issue when creating or updating a Service Quote, the ContactID was always "Nulled" out.

Vorex Cytracom

  • Fixed an issue when Cytracom integration did not recognize call center queue calls.

Vorex Finance

  • Fixed an issue where keyboard shortcuts to Generate Invoice(G) did not work.
  • Added inner exception logging in the Billing automation jobs to catch errors in case of failure.
  • Fixed an issue where billing review`s Total Price column displayed Unite Price.
  • Added filter to the Invoice Ad Hoc to reduce performance and service quotation template. 

Vorex General

  • Fixed an issue where the email address with an apostrophe in the name broke sync to ITGlue.
  • Fixed an issue where special signs were not supported in Vorex email templates.

Vorex Reports

  • Fixed an issue where Custom report created using the Delivery Product Charge table displayed wrong data.

Vorex Timesheets

  • Fixed an issue where the date-time format failed back to US when the browser was opened and IIS was reset.

Vorex Workflows

  • Added logic to clear the contact field when workflow changes the account on a ticket.



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