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This document is meant to serve as a tool to answer Frequently Asked Questions for Kaseya Fusion Mobile App: VSA and BMS


What is Kaseya Fusion?

Kaseya's latest release is now available in your Mobile Marketplace.  This app seamlessly integrates VSA with BMS under a single mobile app.  This app is eliminating the space between with a truly unified experience through deep workflows in a mobile application. You can manage IT tickets and monitor endpoints from anywhere, all in the palm of your hand. You can eliminate the hassle of logging into a laptop when you have to be onsite.

We have a brief video highlighting the application here.

Is there an added cost to Kaseya Fusion?

There is no cost to Kaseya Fusion.  Subscriptions are required from VSA and/or BMS in order to use the mobile application.

What are the supported platforms for Kaseya Fusion?

We have created an article here.

What kind of authentication is supported for Kaseya Fusion app?

We have created an article here.


Fusion Endpoint (VSA) FAQ

What are the requirements to leverage Fusion Endpoint (VSA)?

It is highly recommended your Kaseya VSA server to be  on VSA version or above. 

Does Fusion Endpoint (VSA) support Multi-Factor Authentication?

Yes!  With VSA version, Fusion now supports Native and Passly Multi-Factor Authentication

How many agent procedures (scripts) can I add as part of my actions?

You can have up to six agent procedures as part of your actions.  Users can change the actions and their order at anytime.

When I login, I receive a VSA Admin Role not supported error.  What does this mean?

Fusion VSA requires VSA Admin role type in all user accounts due to it's ability to execute commands/procedures on endpoints.

Where do I create a ticket if I have an issue?

Please create a ticket at helpdesk.kaseya.com and our support engineers will assist you. 

I receive a 'Java.security.cert.CertPathValidatorException' error when attempting login.  

Fusion does not support self-signed certificates as part of our authentication.  We recommend to review your server hostname via https://www.sslshopper.com/ to confirm all categories pass.

Following Initial Setup, Kaseya Fusion requires a full re-onboard each time I login.  Is this normal behavior?

This is not the user login experience for Fusion.  If you are experiencing this, it is typically associated with a migration issue of data.  Please uninstall and re-install the application to refresh the libraries and issue should be resolved.

Fusion Kaseya Live Connect: Forbidden Error received when attempting Live Connect

As we refine our messaging within the Fusion Application; the forbidden error in majority of cases refers to the actual endpoint restricting remote access/remote control/live connect from the VSA System.  We suggest to review the endpoint policies via the VSA UI.

Fusion Endpoint (BMS) FAQ

What levels of authentication are supported for Fusion PSA (BMS)?

We have created an article here.

Will Ticketing or Service Desk modules be included in the PSA function of Fusion?

The current plans on Fusion is to expand BMS functionality within Fusion.

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