Kaseya Fusion Authentication Methods

Here is information on Fusion Mobile App Authentication for Android and iOS. 

Fusion Endpoint (VSA)

Built-in MFA 

  • Native MFA Authentication is now supported by Fusion Endpoint (VSA)

VSA version and above is required for Native MFA support in Fusion Endpoint.

  • Passly authentication is supported by Fusion Endpoint (VSA)

Fusion PSA (BMS)

Passly with BMS (must use SAML SSO) 

  • Passly authentication is not supported for BMS. 
  • Passly authentication is configured via BMS > Admin > My Company > Authentication > Authenticator > Enable AuthAnvil Authentication. 
  • If your BMS instance is configured with Passly authentication, you are encouraged to switch to SAML SSO with AuthAnvil. 
  • Going forward, SAML SSO will be the preferred method to integrate BMS with Passly, and there are no plans to support the legacy AuthAnvil authentication mode with the mobile app.


  • For BMS, SAML SSO authentication is fully supported. 
  • Using SAML SSO, you can enforce MFA via your Identity Provider (such as AuthAnvil, Azure AD, Okta, etc.)  

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