BMS (v4.0.30) - 29 February 2020

This release features a completely redesigned integration to QuickBooks Desktop. Also, building upon the invoice configuration capability that was included in v4.0.29, this release includes even more options to control how invoices appear.


QuickBooks Desktop Integration

  • The QuickBooks Desktop (QBD) integration experience has been completely redesigned and has also been upgraded to leverage the latest version of the QBD API for improved efficiency and stability. Enhancements include:
    • Greatly improved user experience.
    • Significant speed improvement when exporting invoices.
    • You can now define default account codes for services and inventory. In cases where account codes have not been specified in the BMS setup tables, the default codes will be used. This is a time saver when exporting invoices as you no longer have to inspect the logs and manually make corrections for missing accounts in the setup tables.
    • See the new QuickBooks Desktop Integration Guide for further details.

NOTE: To use the new QBD connector, uninstall the existing QB Desktop connector, then download and install the new connector (the download can be found under Home > Downloads). The new connector is recommended going forward, and all future enhancements and fixes to the QBD integration will be made via the new connector. The old connector can still be used on an as-is basis, but it will be retired in the future.


Invoice Configuration

  • A new option allows you to control what appears within the invoice line-item description. A flexible scheme allows you to combine text and data fields tailored to each billing type (see screenshot). The line-item descriptions will appear on the printed invoice, and will also be sent to your accounting system if you are using the Quickbooks or Xero integrations.


  • A new option allows you to configure the order in which line-items for the different billing types will appear on invoices. For example, you could specify that you want recurring service line-items to appear first, followed by labor hours, expenses, and so on.


  • Additional control of the invoice line-item sort order is possible with a new option that allows you to control the order in which recurring services line-items will appear.


Bug Fixes

Database Performance

  • Fixed an issue with missed index on SLA table, so it resulted in timeout.

BMS Workflows

  • Fixed an issue with stopping of Workflow service after adding max Idle Limit on Workflow fields.

BMS Translation

  • Fixed an issue with German translation.


  • Fixed an issue with SAML SSO was not working if the Gateway URL was typed with capital 'G'.

BMS Service Desk

  • Fixed an issue when Time on Print Ticket was not using the Correct TimeZone.
  • Fixed an issue with visibility of details in BMS Knowledge Base.
  • Fixed an issue with small editing area while creating BMS Knowledge Base article.
  • Fixed an issue with random displaying of My Tickets in Service Desk module.

BMS QuickBooks Integration

  • Fixed an issue with importing child accounts with the same name but different parent accounts.

BMS QuickBooks Online Integration

  • Fixed an issue with error while exporting an invoice when Income and Expense accounts were not specified.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple emails in Billing Address were not exported with the invoice to QuickBooks.
  • Fixed an issue when the Service Date still showed after exporting invoices into QuickBooks while the Service Date was turned off in QuickBooks Settings.

BMS ITGlue Integration

  • Fixed an issue with absence of added Asset information after 2 hours.

BMS General

  • Fixed an issue with incorrect labeling of Open File button while editing an attachment.

BMS Finance

  • Fixed an issue with breaking the Legacy Invoice Template if the Ticket Title had '&' character.
  • Fixed an issue with Detailed Invoice template where the child account was not aligned and the address was not displayed correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with setting up a Yearly recurring agreement not based on the calendar year, where system showed two periods the Billing Review instead of one record.
  • Fixed an issue with midnight billing automation jobs where job was running constantly every minute and sent an Email to the user for each successful run.


  • Fixed an error thrown while deactivating contacts.


  • Fixed an issue when running an API query for an invoice the ItemName fields were all null.

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