Vorex (v4.0.29) - 1 February 2020

This release features an amazing new Invoice customization capability, further improvements to the recently redesigned QuickBooks Online integration, and a number of usability enhancements and fixes.


Vorex Finance

  • Want to get your invoices looking just the way you want them? You now have unparalleled flexibility to do just that. Invoice layouts and formats can now be completely customized leveraging the power and flexibility of the Ad Hoc reporting engine. There is no need to build custom invoices from scratch: the most popular invoice templates have been reimagined as Ad Hoc templates which can be found under the 'System' folder in Ad Hoc reports. These templates can be used as-is, or they can be copied to the Public Reports folder where they can be customized. Using the Ad Hoc reporting tool you can tailor the invoice templates to match your brand by formatting borders, fonts, text & background colors, bold, italic, and more. You can also configure invoice templates to show just the data you want your clients to see by adding text and data fields to header, line-item, and footer areas. The Ad Hoc invoice templates can be selected when generating invoices, and also when configuring billing automation jobs.

(A 'Classic' option allows you to use any of the original templates, as well as any custom templates that were previously delivered via Professional Services.)




  • Added the ability to view Vorex Invoice numbers and invoice numbers that have been synced with an accounting system such as QuickBooks or Xero.

Vorex QuickBooks Integration

  • Added a new warning message when importing data from QuickBooks Online: "NOTICE: Data imported from QuickBooks will be permanently recorded. There is no way to undo the import, or bulk erase the data after the import. Are you sure you want to proceed with the import?" Y/N.
  • Added a new import service with Unit Cost.
  • Enhanced mapping of product SKU.
  • Enforced taxation on invoices when importing data from QuickBooks Online.
  • Fixed an issue with the account code while exporting discount from Vorex to QuickBooks Online.

Vorex Reports

  • Added an ability to join Invoices and Product Suppliers. These joins could be used to create a monthly report of products, purchased each month by GL number with quantities, items received each month by GL number with quantities, and items delivered each month by GL number with quantities.

Vorex Security

  • Added a tooltip on the Security role user interface, explains that granting modify or delete permissions for batch tickets will also grant these permissions to My tickets and Tickets modules.

Vorex SSO

  • Added Auto Redirect to SSO IdP when the username is specified in the URL for the Fusion mobile app login.  This improves the user experience when logging in to the Fusion mobile app via SAML SSO.

Vorex Xero Integration

  • Added importing Address Line 2 field when importing contacts to accounts in Xero.

Vorex Localization

  • Various fixes and improvements for German Language (Beta). Suggestions for further translation improvements can be submitted via a Support Ticket.
  • Various fixes and improvements for Swedish Language (Beta).  Suggestions for further translation improvements can be submitted via a Support Ticket.

Bug Fixes

Vorex APIs

  • Fixed the country import by account location on Rest APIs.

Vorex CRM

  • Fixed an issue when deactivated contact was able to login to the system.

Vorex Email Parser

  • Fixed an issue when Email Parser duplicated Email while replying to the ticket.

Vorex Finance

  • Fixed an issue with Recurring Service Contract which added a new period while posting a non-fiscal contract that has the end of the month as a start date.
  • Fixed an issue with Vendor Bills where some free items were not showing on grid in some tenants.
  • Fixed an issue with appearing HTML characters in Contract Description while creating contract invoice.

Vorex QuickBooks Online Integration

  • Fixed an issue with exporting the vendor as a customer from Vorex to QuickBooks Online.
  • Renamed Service Items Accounts to Service Items And Non-Inventory Products Accounts.
  • Fixed an issue with exporting chart of account when Account Code displayed twice in the grid while re-exporting it.
  • Fixed an issues with product import.

Vorex QuoteWerks Integration

  • Added validation on the Doc Date on QuoteWerks Integration before sending to Vorex to validate DOC Date and Expiry Date.
  • Fixed an issue with QuoteWerks Connector where contacts with the same name but different accounts were displaying incorrectly.

Vorex Reports

  • Fixed an issue with Invoice Filters were not filtering using typeahead.

Vorex Security

  • Fixed an issue with MFA where validation message displayed behind the MFA pop-up.
  • Fixed an issue with Vorex MFA on Microsoft Authenticator where Account Name was not fully displayed.
  • Fixed a caching issue in the Master Tenant ID where error message appeared while importing Accounts from QuickBooks Online into Vorex.
  • Fixed an issue when Sync from Parent To Child Company was clearing the Allow Delete on the Child Company.
  • Fixed an error appearing when trying to make an update on a role and deleting or adding a User role.

Vorex Timesheets

  • Fixed an issue with Cleanup for old approval records.

Vorex Workflows

  • Fixed a Workflows issue when an Activity Added From Anyone was not taking into consideration the Change conditions.

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