Vorex (v4.0.28) - 14 December 2019

This release features a completely reimagined integration to Quickbooks Online, security improvements, and a number of usability enhancements and fixes. 


Vorex QuickBooks Online Integration 

  • The QuickBooks Online (QBO) integration experience has been completely redesigned and has also been upgraded to leverage the latest version of the QBO API for improved efficiency and stability. Enhancements include:
    • Redesigned user interface.
    • You can now define default account codes for services and inventory. In cases where account codes have not been specified in the Vorex setup tables, the default codes will be used. This is a time saver when exporting invoices as you no longer have to inspect the logs and manually make corrections for missing accounts in the setup tables.
    • A new option allows you to assign QBO invoice numbers when creating invoices in QBO.
    • Invoices can be exported without any prior sync operations. Any data needed to support the Invoice export will be created on an as needed basis.
    • Large import/export operations will now process in the background until they are complete. The previous time limit that interfered with this process has been removed.  
    • See the new QuickBooks Online Integration Guide for further details. The Guide includes a description of the data mapping between Vorex and QBO.


 Note:     If you had previously connected to QBO, you will need to reconnect. After connecting, you must configure and save the new Invoice Options which will control the Invoice Export process going forward. 

 Vorex QuoteWerks Integration 

  • QuoteWerks recently released v5.5 which includes changes to thier API. To support this, there are now two download options for the QuoteWerks connector desktop application: one for v5.4 and prior, and another for v5.5 and above. (It is no longer possible to support all released versions of QuoteWerks with a single desktop application; hense, providing two connector apps is the approach that is recommended by QuoteWerks.). 

CALL TO ACTION: When you upgrade to QuoteWerks v5.5, you should uninstall the existing desktop connector, then download and install the v5.5 connector. NOTE: some customers may have received a pre-release connector for v5.5 via Kaseya Support. This pre-release connector should now be uninstalled, and the new v5.5 connector included with this release should be installed and used going forward.  

Vorex Security 

  • In Service Desk, security roles can now grant delete permissions separately from modify permissions allowing more granular control. Permissions have also been added to govern the deletion of notes. 


  • Parent employees can login to a child instance using MFA, SAML SSO, or AuthAnvil authentication. 

Vorex CRM 

  • You can now capture an effective date when contacts are activated and deactivated. A log shows changes to the active status. 

Vorex APIs 

  • A new API Endpoint allows update of contact active status and effective date. 

Vorex Finance 

  • A new invoice template is available called 'Detailed Invoice, Aggregated by Name, Desc & Unit Price.' With this template, billing transactions with the same item name, description, unit price and effective date are aggregated into a single line-item. 
  • Recurring services billing review now shows both the effective date and period end date for greater visibility of recurring services transactions. 

Bug Fixes 

Vorex APIs 

  • Fixed API issue when Products were not returning the Taxable Flag correctly. 
  • Fixed the issue in Recurring Contracts where Total Price saved wrong when using the Contract Service API. 

Vorex Calendar Integration 

  • Fixed the issue when export Calendar into ICS was shifted by one hour. 

Vorex CRM 

  • Fixed the issue with limitation of characters in Quotation Terms and Conditions text box.

Vorex Custom Templates 

  • Fixed the issue with printing out Summary Time Totals, Product Charges and Time Notes (Legacy PSA). 

Vorex Finance 

  • Fixed the issue when First Period of Yearly Recurring Contracts was adding cents for the First Period. 
  • Fixed the issue with Billing Automation where Date Format displayed wrong when generation an invoice. 
  • Fixed the issue with Recurring Contracts where Invalid Data error appeared trying to update the Effective Date of an exiting service in cloning contract. 
  • Fixed the issue with error after converting a Service Quote into Recurring Service and Activating. 
  • Fixed the issue when updating a Recurring Service and changing the effective date or the price without changing the units didn't affect the selected period.
  • Fixed the issue when invoice ended up as Duplicate when trying to generate it, clicking Cancel on the pop-up and then trying to generate the invoice again. 
  • Fixed the issue when Search in Billing Review for Recurring Services was not working while searching in German language. 

Vorex General 

  • Fixed issue with Client Access Portal, where Incorrect Password message was displayed in wrong language. 

Vorex Inventory 

  • Fixed issue with Manage Products where columns "Manufacturer" and "Brand" were inverted. 

Vorex ITGlue Integration 

  • Fixed the issue with Related Items where ITGlue Widget was not showing items post version 4.0.26. 

Vorex Project Management 

  • Fixed the issue with possibility of using HTML tags in task names. 

Vorex RMM Integrations 

  • Fixed the issue with Auto Closing Tickets in new VSA Integration when Integration Account was acting as a client. 

Vorex Security 

  • Fixed the issue where Reset Password from the Gateway Page did not use the Password Templates. 

Vorex Service Desk 

  • Fixed the issue when created ticket status displayed in the bottom of ticket status drop-down. 
  • Removed Sender Email validation. 
  • Fixed the issue when Primary Assignee could be searched only by username. 
  • Fixed the issue when user receives duplicated Email after merging tickets with one contact person. 

Vorex Timesheets 

  • Fixed timeout issues when user is trying to fill timesheet by clicking on calendar icon. 

Vorex Xero Integration 

  • Fixed the issue where Xero did not support Negative QTY but supported Negative Price. 
  • Fixed the issue of failure with Tax Code None error while exporting invoices to Xero Australian Version. 
  • Fixed the issue in Xero Australian Version where error occurred while trying to export invoice containing Sales tax item.


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