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BMS (v5.26.0) - 21 Oct 2023

This release includes new features, improvements, and fixes.

New Feature

VSA 10 Remote Control from BMS Ticket    

The Remote Control button has been introduced to tickets in the New View under Affected Hardware. This enables the user to connect to VSA 10 on the Ticket page. After gaining access, the Remote Control dialog box will populate with the available hardware assets to connect. For more information on the remote control feature, see Accessing a hardware asset through remote control from BMS. For more information on VSA 10-BMS integration, see VSA 10-BMS Integration.  


Minimum Number of Hours in Retainer Contract 

The minimum number of hours allowed in the Retainer Contract previously was 1 hour. Now, you can add any positive values less than 1, 0.1 hours being the lowest value. 

Modification of Contract Billing Period   

Effective in this version release, once a contract billing period is selected, the contract activated, and time entry has been posted, users cannot modify the billing period of the active contract.   


Client Portal

Fixed: Some parts of the UI text in Italian in legacy Client Portal that needed correction have been corrected.

Ticket Template

Fixed: In the ticket template, the Date Opened field was populated with mm/dd/yyyy format instead of dd/mm/yyyy format. It was not following the location date format.  


Fixed: In POST https://server_name/api/crm/activity in V1 API having DueDate in the past was throwing en error. The restriction has now been removed. Users can now add DueDate in the past under Activities.     


Fixed: Once a quote status has been updated to "Accepted," external facing fields are no longer editable. Actions such as Cancel, Copy Quote, Generate Quote, Print Quote, Email Quote, Attachments and Notes tab can still be modified. 

VSA 10

Fixed: When user tried to sync the assets from VSA 10 to BMS in Admin > Service Desk > RMM Integration > Asset Sync, an error was displayed. 

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