Vorex (v5.24.0) - 19 Aug 2023

This release includes new features, improvements, and fixes.

Important: All integrations with Vorex should use API employee user in the future, not a credential employee user. This will impact all third-party integrations currently leveraging API V1 integrations with Vorex. The option to use credential employee user will be deprecated by Sep 2023. Please take note. This is the last notice before the deprecation takes effect. For more information, see BMS API | Dedicated API integration account in PSA.

New Features

Integrated Customer Billing

KaseyaOne Settings - Organization Mapping 

This release introduces a centralized mapping page under Admin > My Company > KaseyaOne Settings supporting Integrated Customer Billing - allowing you to map other IT Complete module organizations and suborganizations to your Vorex accounts, all in one view for accurate and automated usage billing. For more information, see BMS Finance | Integrated Customer Billing on how to set it up. 


Account - Organization Mapping   

You can now select accounts on the Account page (Admin > CRM > Accounts > respective account > Organization Mapping tab) so as to map accounts with modules and multiple organizations. You can map one account to multiple modules and their organizations at a time. You can do this by clicking the autocomplete text box. On clicking, you can search for organizations related to the module selected. For more information, see BMS Finance | Integrated Customer Billing. 



Note: The tab name, title and description has undergone a change. The word "account" has been replaced with "organization" in Integrated Customer Billing. 



  • V2 API
    • PATCH /v2/crm/contacts/{id}
      • Gives the ability to partially update one or multiple properties of the contact 
    • PATCH /v2/crm/accounts/{id}
      • Gives the ability to partially update one or multiple properties of the account 
    • GET /v2/admin/security/roles/lookup
      • Retrieves all the security roles available per tenant 
    • GET /v2/admin/hr/jobtitles/lookup
      • Retrieves all the job titles available per tenant 
    • GET /v2/admin/hr/departments/lookup
      • Returns all departments that the tenant has in Vorex 
    • GET /v2/system/locations/lookup
      • Returns all locations that the tenant has in Vorex 
  • Ability for Workflows, from Parent Tenant, to be Cloned by Child Tenants
    • This pertains to only specific Vorex tenants. 



Fixed: When you add a charge to a quote or sales order, you have the ability to add descriptions or notes respectively. In some Vorex instances, this carries through to the invoice and in some instances, it does not.    


Fixed: Projects | All Projects > Tasks tab : Actions icons were displaying under the relevant subtask instead of at the same level.    


Fixed: When you opened a ticket (Project/Task) and added a service call, the resources were displaying outside the dropdown list. 


Fixed: When a new ticket was created from default account and when the user logged out and logged in, an error appeared.      

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