BMS (v5.22.0) - 24 Jun 2023

This release includes new features, improvements, and fixes.

Important: All integrations with BMS should use API employee user in the future, not a credential employee user. This will impact all third-party integrations currently leveraging API V1 integrations with BMS. The option to use credential employee user will be deprecated by Sep 2023.

New Features

Default Account for New Tickets

You can now set a default account that will be applied to manually created tickets. This can be helpful for internal IT teams who usually create new tickets for the same account. Navigate to Admin > My Company > Company Settings > Service Desk and set the Default Account New Ticket field to your desired account. Once a default account is selected, every time a new ticket is created by an employee user in Service Desk, the Account field will populate with the defined default account. This feature is available for both New and Legacy ticket views. 


Updated Ticket Detail HTML Editor  

The HTML editor in Tickets has been updated. This new editor provides additional text formatting options for ticket details and notes. This updated editor is also available in ticket templates and ticket note templates. This feature is available only for New view


Refreshed User Interface 

Fonts, icons, and navigations have been updated to continue standardizing BMS with all Kaseya products. You can now collapse the left navigation bar by clicking the hamburger icon at the top left. Click again to expand the navigation bar.

The following images are from the old version of BMS:




The following images are from the new version of BMS with the new look and feel:





  • Selected Checkboxes Used to Get Unchecked When User Clicked Outside the Selection
    Selected checkboxes were unchecked when user clicked outside the checkboxes in the Billing page. When the user clicked outside the checkboxes or any selected row on the Billing page, the rows/checkboxes that were previously selected remained no longer selected. Now, when the user selects multiple checkboxes and when the user clicks on a row that is not selected, that row is now selected in addition to the previously selected checkboxes. 


  • Attachment with an Internal Note was Visible in Client Portal
    When a user created a ticket and added an internal note with an attachment, even if the note is not shown in the client portal, the attachment which was strictly meant for the internal team is populated. The customer was not supposed to see this attachment as the customer had associated this attachment with an "internal note." This has been fixed and enhanced. Now, attachments that have a note by the technician are treated as "internal" and are not shown in Client Portal ticket UI. On the other hand, if a note added by a technician is public, such attachments will now show in Client Portal ticket UI. Also, if an email is sent with an attachment, it will appear in Client Portal ticket UI as an attachment.
  • V2 API
    • POST /v2/inventory/products/categories
      • creates new products categories in Inventory 
    • GET /v2/inventory/products/categories/lookup
      • gets all products' categories in Inventory in a lookup format  



Fixed: BMS was not excluding public holidays for idle Workflows. 

New Service Desk

Fixed: When adding a note in the New Service Desk interface and pasting an image, the image used to appear twice. This happened only when using the Mozilla Firefox browser in New View mode. This was fixed with the introduction of the enhanced HTML editor. 


Fixed: When adding a note and then an email address, the cursor used to jump back to the beginning of the email address or the last word of the regular sentence. This was fixed with the introduction of the enhanced HTML editor. 


Fixed: While being connected and synced to IT Glue, when a ticket was opened to edit and account changed in inline editing, an error was displayed in the console log. 


Fixed: Inactive security scopes were not respected and BMS allowed access to service types restricted in active scopes. 

API v1

Fixed: API v1 does not update the fields ModifiedById and ModifiedBy on the endpoint PUT /api/servicedesk/tickets/{TicketID}.   

API v2

Fixed: In the API endpoint v2/servicedesk/tickets/{TicketID}/timelogs, custom fields and TimeSpentBy fields were returning null. 


Fixed: There were parent-child sync issues with custom fields of type "drop-down." 


Fixed: When user logged into the mobile app with an SSO, the user was redirected to the login page. 

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