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Vorex (v5.21.0) - 20 May 2023

This release includes new features, improvements, and fixes.

Important: All integrations with Vorex should use API employee user in the future, not a credential employee user. This will impact all third-party integrations currently leveraging API V1 integrations with Vorex. The option to use credential employee user will be deprecated by Sep 2023.

New Features

Integrated Customer Billing Tab Inside Recurring Services Contracts

Integrated Customer Billing is a new feature introduced as part of billing automation. With this feature, you can now auto-track and charge back services utilized by other departments or sub-organizations by leveraging Integrated Customer Billing. Vorex integrates with KaseyaOne, mapping modules in K1 with the CRM accounts that the MSP has in Vorex. Integrated Customer Billing is now available under Finance > Contracts > Recurring Services. Integrated Customer Billing tab shows under Automated Billing options. Find the detailed guide here.


CRM Dashboard 

Three new widgets are introduced under the new CRM dashboard. They are:

  • Quotes Amount Due   
    A new widget called Quotes Amount Due has been added to the CRM Dashboard. The quotes amount due shows the summary of the total amount of quotations that are due in the next seven days from the current date. The statuses include NewReady to Sent, and Sent (without being accepted or rejected). 
  • Quotes Amount Sent
    A new widget called Quotes Amount Sent has been added to the CRM Dashboard. The Quotes Amount Sent shows the quotations sent in the last seven days from the current date. The quotations that are sent are the ones that are sent to customers without being accepted or rejected. 
  • Pending Quotes
    A new widget called Pending Quotes has been added to CRM dashboard. This widget tracks all pending quotations for the last seven days from the current date. The statuses include NewExpiredReady to Send, and Sent (without being accepted or rejected). 
    Find the detailed guide here.

New Filter Available in Ticket Listing Page

A new filter called Account Code has been introduced in the Ticket Listing page. The Account Code shows in Tickets and My Tickets dropdown filters. The Account Code field can be retrieved from Account > specific account > Account Code. This applies to Legacy and New View. 




  • Retainer by Hours
    When you had overages in a month and when invoice was generated for retainer by hours that were included in the billing contract, the invoice zeroed out the quantity and the amount field inconsistently. You can now post labor hours that are applied to a Retainer by Hours contract that has overages that will be billed. Quantity will show hours and the amount will be x.x. You can then generate an invoice. Once the invoice is generated, the quantity will not change to 0.00. 
  • V2 API
    • PUT /v2/finance/contracts/{Id}/activate
      • updates the status of the recurring services contract and activate the contract per ID 
    • PUT /v2/finance/contracts/{Id}/deactivate
      • updates the status of the recurring service contract to deactivate the active recurring services contract per ID 
    • POST /v2/finance/contracts/recurringservices/{id}/services
      • creates a service in an existing recurring service contract 
    • GET /v2/crm/dashboard/quotations/summary
      • returns all pending quotes in the last seven days from the current date 



Fixed: User was not able to delete a recurring series event instance from calendar. When the user clicked the occurrence, a pop-up appeared with no deletion option. 

User Profile

Fixed: The system was unable to update profile > user information. Specifically, wrong gender entered and then corrected in employee page did not reflect under Gender in My Settings page. 

Client Portal

Fixed: In New Service Desk, Client Portal did not properly render the font and background color for the ticket statuses. 

Ad-Hoc Reports

Fixed: In Ad-Hoc Reports, the scheduler did not load the full list of filter functions. Options used to cut off the page. 


Fixed: Inactive Job Titles used to appear in Job Title dropdown in existing Employee pages when creating new employees.  

Email Parser

Fixed: OAuth 2.0 authentication was not being generated by email parser for US government mailbox. 

Email Parser

Fixed: When an email with base64 body encoded was sent to the mail server, it created a ticket. Once the client replied to the ticket, the email body was encoded with base64. When the client replied back, the reply was not added to the ticket.  


Fixed: In Finance > Reimbursements, when user created a new reimbursement and created a non-existant employee, an error used to appear.  


Fixed: Random values used to show without title while creating a PO while clicking Select Lowest Cost button. 


Fixed: Left side panel did not open on hover after it was collapsed. 


Fixed: A tooltip showed when hovering an icon with a long tenant name. 


Fixed: The screen did not render correctly when creating a Contact from Account on Firefox. 


Fixed: All autocomplete fields had double borders when they were displayed in an error state. 


Fixed: When users attempted to log into an expired tenant, they were presented with an "Invalid Credentials" error message, rather than the system redirecting them to the Expired Tenant page.  


Fixed: The endpoint PUT /v2/crm/accounts/{id} meant to update CreatedBy and CreatedOn returned null after updating accounts API. 

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