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Vorex (v5.20.0) - 15 Apr 2023

This release includes new features, improvements, and fixes.

New Features

Enhanced SSO   

If you are an existing SSO user, you have been automatically and seamlessly migrated to SSO v2. The SSO authentication is done at the tenant level. The enabling/disabling of IT Complete is done at the tenant level. Find the detailed guide here

Important: The email in the KaseyaOne user account and Vorex tenant account should match to leverage SSO v2.


  • Service Description as a New Field
    The Service Description is available as a new field in the Reports module. This is a field under Admin > Finance > Services > particular service > Description. As a new field in the Reports module, it is introduced under Ad-Hoc Reports > Public Reports> Active Contract Details
  • V2 API
    • GET /v2/crm/opportunities/statuses/Lookup 
      • returns all opportunity statuses
    • PUT /v2/finance/contracts/recurringservices/{id} 
      • updates existing recurring services



Fixed: When user hovered over the red border on the calendar fields after creating a ticket, the fields displayed grey color. 


Fixed: Entering 12 in time logs showed as 12:00 am in a 12-hour format timing. This was fixed to show 12:00 pm. Entering 2400 in time logs showed current time. 

Stock Adjustment

Fixed: User could post adjustment without a reason. 


Fixed: When user navigated to CRM > Opportunities > Quote > Add and when user selected Opportunity and clicked on the ellipsis, there was an overlap of the background page on the dropdown. The dropdown was not clearly visible. 


Fixed: Vorex workflow did not honor the correct time when it triggered on the ticket. Vorex workflow did not trigger emails when SLA was breached. 


Fixed: Company holidays were not treated as outside working hours by the time sensitive workflows. 

Email Parser

Fixed: A ticket was not created when the tenant was without prefix and sent the subject ## without a number. 

Product, Quote

Fixed: After the user changed the cost/margin/price of a product and then added the same product to a quote with quantity greater than 20, the system displayed an error saying that the amount is invalid. 

Vorex-VSA X Integration

Fixed: Remote control and creating tickets from alerts did not work after VSA X token regeneration. 

Outbound Email

Fixed: In Outbound Email settings, if the customer sets the Encryption type to something other than “SSL“ like “TLS“ or “No Encryption“, the Enable SSL flag for SMTP configuration was set always to TRUE (inherited from configuration) indicating that this was an SSL communication which was actually not the case. 

Vorex-RMM Integration

Fixed: In the RMM integration settings page, if you would have saved an integration with a password or token (encrypted field) with a long text value, an error was shown related to a decryption function failure. If you then went to listing and then tried to open the record again, you would have seen an Error 500 page, blocking you from opening the record to edit. 

Support User Account

Fixed: When a user activated Support User, it was successfully shown as active and an email was sent out of the instance. However, the link did not work. The link took the user to the login page. 

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