Passly 7.4.0 - Release Notes

Date Mar. 22th 2023

This release includes new features, design changes and defect fixes.

New Features


We migrated on the new integration version with KaseyaOne.

All info can be found here.


Password Manager

Passly has updated the Password Server permissions. Users will no longer need to reveal the password in order to copy it to the clipboard.

New Designs

We updated Collapse, Spinner, Progress Tracker and Header in Passly accordingly to the global Kaseya Design System.

  • Collapse: 
  • Spinner:
  • Progress Tracker:
  • Header:

Defect fixies

Policy Manager

Groups in 'is member of a group' condition drop-down menu didn’t have infinite scroll.

We fixed it and now Users can see and search any group, no matter where it is.


Auth Manager

We fixed a Windows Logon Agent defect with Override Password configuration: now if the user is in the override group he is not required to use 2FA.


Password Server

  1. In Import/Export we had a limit for Vaults and Folders. We fixed it and now Users can see all available Vaults and Folders.
  2. Passly team fixed the bug in Vault Manager while creating new vault: now Users can see all groups in “(Optional) Select Initial Admin Group“ drop-down.
  3. We updated Vault Manager role: now User with this role can manage Password Server without Administrator role.


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