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BMS (v5.18.0) - 28 Jan 2023

This release includes new features, improvements, and fixes.

New Features

Inventory Burndown - "Committed" Status

A new status called "committed" has been introduced to products in inventory. This applies to serialized and non-serialized products. The purpose of the Committed status is to track and to know the quantity of products that are added to tickets, sales order, and projects. Committed here means a certain quantity of the product is reserved for a certain project/ticket, keeping the quantity in stock before being delivered. This means that this product is set aside for a job and that this product is not available to be used somewhere else. Also, this option allows you to invoice products when they are committed, rather than after they are delivered by allocating them directly to a project or a ticket.

When adding a product (either serialized or non serialized) with available quantity in stock (inventory) to a ticket, project, or sales order, the product added is committed and reflected in Inventory > Product > Manage Products > Product Availability.

  • User can add more than 1 quantity of a non-serialized product, where quantity added is available in stock, to tickets/project/sales order and quantity added will be committed in Inventory > Products > Manage Products
  • User can add only 1 quantity of a serialized product to tickets/project/sales order and the serialized product added will be committed in Inventory > Products > Manage Products.
  • When user adds a serialized product, that is available in stock, to a ticket, project, or sales order, the serialized product added will no longer show in the Search and Select dialogue box and the product will be committed.
  • When a product (either serialized or non-serialized) is added to a quotation, the product is not committed.
  • When a product (either serialized or non-serialized) is delivered, the product is removed from the stock and will no longer be committed.
  • Tickets/Sales Order/Projects: Any update that is done on a non-serialized product such as delete or update quantity will reflect directly in the Committed field.
  • If a product (either serialized or non-serialized) is added with stock quantity as 0, then the product is not committed since the stock is 0.
  • Products in quotations are only committed when they are converted to projects and sales orders.

The affected areas are:

  • Inventory
  • Ticket > Product Charges
  • Sales Order
  • Quotations
  • Project > Product Charges 

CRM Dashboard - Sales Leaderboard   

A new widget called Sales Leaderboard has been added to the Revenue Intelligence Dashboard. This shows the top five salespersons (employees) and closed opportunities having status such as “Won” for Today, Week, and Month. Find the detailed guide here

Import Option  

The Import option has moved from Projects > All Projects > listing to the following location now - Admin > Imports > Import Data > Import from Excel


Enabling/Disabling IT Glue Checklists  

Security roles now have the option to enable/disable IT Glue checklists on tickets. 

Chat - One of the Ticket Sources  

Chat is now one of the ticket source options. 

Audit Log for Note    

When technicians edit notes added to tickets, they are now shown in the audit log. 

V2 API    

  • GET /v2/system/accounttypes/lookup
    • returns the CRM account types 

Ad-Hoc Reports    

  • Posted to Accounting Flag
    To determine whether or not an invoice was synced to accounting software like Xero or QB, the Posted to Accounting flag is now exposed in Reports > Invoice Module
  • Committed Field
    Under Ad-hoc Reports > Inventory, you now have the ability to report on the "committed" field. 


  • Visibility of Original Filenames
    When attachments from a ticket were downloaded, the original filenames were not retained earlier for security reasons. Now, you can see the original filenames as they are.  
  • New Look and Feel for Tables and Lists
    As an ongoing initiative to promote common look and feel across all Kaseya products, the screens that display lists and tables in BMS have been updated with a more user friendly, pleasant, and modernized look and feel.


Email Parser

Fixed: Special characters such as = did not pass BMS validation earlier even if they were part of compliant e-mail addresses. 


Fixed: There was a limit of 500 characters previously for Quote > Service Item description. 

Service Desk (Legacy)

Fixed: The View in IT Glue option under Affected Hardware tab on a ticket did not work previously in Legacy View. 

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