BMS (v5.17.0) - 10 Dec 2022

The BMS (v5.17.0) release includes new features, improvements, and fixes.

New Features

CRM Dashboard 

The new data rich CRM dashboard serves as a one-stop screen on revenue-generating analytics. MSP owners and sales managers can use the data generated to manage sales opportunities and make high-level decisions. Find the detailed guide here

New Password Policy 

A new password policy comes into effect with this release. This is to achieve the greater objective of securing and protecting our data at the highest level with a robust policy and best security practices. You can voluntarily implement the new password policy that is outlined in the linked guide here with the current UI itself. Irrespective of whether you implement the new policy or not, the new policy will come into effect mandatorily and automatically on Dec 10th, 2022. Find the detailed guide here. Find the FAQs on the new password policy here.


Deprecating QuickBooks Desktop Connector  

The legacy QuickBooks Connector will be decommissioned shortly. Users can download the new connector which was released in Feb 2020 from BMS > Home > Downloads > QuickBooks tile. If you do not upgrade to the new connector immediately, the legacy tool will not work anymore. 

Security Role Now Restricts Tickets 

Technicians with access only to their tickets via queues now cannot see other tickets when choosing Merge/Absorb functions. 

Opportunity Finder - Account Type Filter  

In the Opportunity Finder dashboard filter, a new filter called Account Type has been added for sorting opportunities according to account type. 

Preventing Deletion of User's Own Time Entries    

A specific role has been created for preventing users from deleting their own time entries.

Email Parser - Empty Email Body Now Creates a Ticket 

A ticket will now be created by the email parser even if the email body is empty. 

V2 API  

  • POST /v2/crm/opportunities/{opportunityId}/notes results now include 
    • creating opportunity notes
  • PUT /v2/crm/opportunities/{opportunityId}/notes/{notedId} results now include
    • updating an existing note added to opportunity
  • GET /v2/crm/opportunities/{opportunityId}/notes results now include
    • getting all notes related to an existing quote


Azure AD Sync

    • The Azure AD Sync system has been enhanced so as to auto-reconnect after certain amount of failures after a period of 120 seconds. 


Client Portal

Fixed: When a workflow was created so as to be triggered when a ticket was created in Client Portal legacy view and activity was added, it did not work. 

Service Desk - Legacy View

Fixed: When a ticket was created in legacy mode and a charge was added and processed, the Total Cost field value was duplicated with each highlight. 

Gen 2 API Fixed: A user could only add notes to a ticket that was opened in the portal by them but if they called the service desk and a technician opened a ticket in that user's name, the user was either kicked back to the dashboard or logged out. 
Email Parser Fixed: The email parser was failing on federated service when using old Microsoft identity client library. 
SLA  Fixed: SLA First Response time was not considering holidays. 
CRM Fixed: For non-taxable items, total tax was calculated and populated on the invoice. 
Project  Fixed: When executing a batch action on the Project module, the customer was facing error 500 when assigning the tasks to an employee. 
Tickets  Fixed: When time logs were created for 31st of the month and start time and end time were manually entered, the time spent used to auto-reset to zero. 

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