Passly 7.3.3 - Release Notes

Date Aug. 24th, 2022

New Features

Integration Manager

  • Securing User Accounts We have released the second portion of the Dark Web ID compromise workflow in Passly. You can now scan your organization to check if any username appears on the Dark Web ID compromise Report. If you find a user compromised administrators will have the option to trigger that user for a password change.
    You can find the new settings in Integration Manager > Dark Web ID  

Defect Fixes


  • Infrastructure – We noticed that there was ServiceBus issues affecting Push notifications processing. These have been resolved and PUSH should no longer be affected.
  • Infrastructure: Optimize DB indexes usage – Our team has made significant changes to our DB Structure and operations to increase the overall performance and stability of Passly in Production.

Directory Manager

  • Directory Manager: [Directory Sync] Directory Sync agent were not able to sync more than 100 records at a time. This is now resolved and sync’ing over 100 records should work as expected.
  • Directory Manager: [Directory Sync] Directory sync agents were facing an unexpected timeout during the sync events. This issue was resolved from the backend. No customer changes are required. This is now resolved.

Auth Manager:

  • Auth Manager: [Windows Logon Agent] An issue occurred where the agent would not install on Windows with an error “The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found.” This is now resolved

Integration manager

  • Integration manager: [Dark Web ID Compromise Workflow] An issue was introduced in the last patch that caused the User Report table is not scrollable. This is now resolved, and the table will scroll as expected.

Policy manager

  • Policy manager: [Authentication policy] An issue occurred where Admins could not create a policy with an Additional Rule. This issue is now resolved, and Rules are working as expected.
  • Policy manager: [Authentication policy] We have migrated Passly from using Apivoid to Maxmind for IP location detection. We believe this will be a more reliable IP lookup and provide better location lookups.

SSO Manager

  • SSO Manager: [Microsoft 365] We have learned of some new limitations from Microsoft on working with Graph API & PowerShell please see this article for more information
  • SSO Manager: [Microsoft 365] We found an issue in production where adding the application was generating an error appears if you tried to add without MSOL credentials. This issue has been resolved and the App will add as expected again.

Password Server

  • Password Server: [Sync Agent] An issue occurred where the password never changes on the Server machine when updated in the web user interface. This issue only occurred after successfully installing the agent. This is now resolved and all agents should be syncing without further action needed.

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