Passly 7.2.3 - Release Notes

Date June. 1st, 2022 

 New Features 

Web User Interface 

IT Complete  
Passly has been upgrading our user interface to match the “Kaseya” look and feel. Several new changes are live. 

  • IT Complete: K1 SSO to Passly from K1 App Launcher. You can now use the In-App launcher once you have configured Kaseya One. 
  • Updated Passly header – We have cleaned up the header when you are logged in. 
  • IT Complete Help: In-App Videos - We have updated the links to all videos. No changed are needed by customers to view the videos.   

SSO Manager 

Passly is now supporting the Graph API for User sync’ing. 

  • SSO ManagerPassly User syncing with Graph API 

Defect Fixes 

  • IT Complete: The IT Complete tab isn't enabled for tenant/org after clicking on ITC toggle and entering correct K1 creds.
    This is now working as expected, entering your Kaseya One credentials will be accepted.
  • Getting Started: Page update was needing a clean-up for some outdated support links.
    These are now working as expected.
  • Help section: Kaseya University link update, we now link directly to  
  • IT Complete: Notifications - empty notifications menu should have "View All" button.
    This is now resolved.
  • IT Complete: Notifications - "x" icon is missing the tooltip.
    This is now resolved.
  • IT Complete: Directory Manager: Redesign of login form when user was remembered by application.
    This is now resolved.
  • IT Complete: Notifications dot overlaps K1 App Launcher menu. This is now resolved. 
  • Passly tenant: The tenant icon doesn't show correctly on Passly login page.
    This is now resolved.


Auth Manager 

  • Auth Manager: OpenID Connect - Current implementation of OpenID Connect prevents customers successfully configure some apps like Datto. This is now working in production; no customer changes will need to occur. 


Directory manager 

  • Just in Time: (JiT) Push doesn't come to Passly Authenticator when we reserved child org account for parent user. This is now resolved, and this feature should work as expected. 
  • Directory Manager: Directory Sync - The 'Next' button doesn't appear in Firefox after selecting 'Download agent installer' and installing DirSync agent. This is now working as expected. 


SSO Manager 
The following defects are now resolved, and Federation will work as expected. No customer action is needed for these fixes to take effect. 

  • SSO Manager: Microsoft 365 - Reset state if domain was changed after verification.  
  • SSO Manager:  Microsoft 365 - User can't be exported to Azure AD when there is no license for Synchronized Users.  
  • SSO ManagerMicrosoft 365 - Admin of tenant/org can federate an Microsoft 365 app without specifying a location after choosing a license.  
  • SSO Manager:  Microsoft 365 Admin of tenant/org can't federate an Microsoft 365 app with correct Graph API credentials.
  • SSO Manager: Microsoft 365 User sync using graph API – Import. 
  • SSO Manager: Microsoft 365 Admin of tenant/org can add M365 application with incorrect data of graph API application (or empty fields) to the library when entered correct management credentials. 
  • SSO ManagerMicrosoft 365 'Verified' icon doesn't appear near App Parameters after opening an existing Microsoft 365 app. 
  • SSO Manager Microsoft 365 User sync using graph API – Export. 
  • SSO ManagerMicrosoft 365 Some DirSync/Local users don't sync to Azure AD from Passly after installing Microsoft 365 app. 
  • SSO ManagerMicrosoft 365 An error message with the text doesn't appear after entering the incorrect management credentials in Microsoft 365 app. 
  • SSO Manager: Microsoft 365 Admin of tenant/org can federate Microsoft 365 app with incorrect graph API data. 
  • SSO Manager: Application Library filters work unstable in SSO Manager: Application Library tab. 


Policy Manager 

  • Policy Manager: Authentication Policy - There is no way to differentiate a default org group from a sub org group.  
    Groups will now show their Parent Organization name when viewed in the Policy Manager dropdowns. 


Password Server 

  • Password Server: Vault Manager / Password record - User Interface is not showing Sync Agents correctly. 
    All agents should now properly list.  


Darkweb ID  

  • Darkweb integration: Directory Manager: We resolved and issue with the User messaging. User messaging should not be shown when there is no integration turned on. 




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