Passly 7.2.2 - Release Notes

Date Apr. 13th, 2022 

New Features 

Microsoft 365 using the Graph API 

Passly is now using the Microsoft Graph API for federating Microsoft 365 tenants / domains.  

  • Passly is now using the Microsoft Graph API for group synchronization during federating Microsoft 365 tenants / domains.

  • Passly now supports more groups as part of this integration. You can now sync Microsoft 365 groups / Security groups etc from Microsoft into Passly.

  • Multiple domain M365 tenants are now supported with Passly .
  • There is a new setup guide related to this integration 

User experience 

Passly has a unified user experience to match all your Kaseya products. 

  • Typography update. Passly now has typography to match the Kaseya suite.  
  • Font. We are now using a common font across the User interface. 
  • Notifications update. We are now using the same style of notifications as the rest of the Kaseya stack. You will see a new experience.
    Select the ”x” to delete this message from the Alerts tab. 
    Select the ”Blue Dot” to mark the individual messages Notification as ”read” & ”unread”. 
    Select Mark All as Read to bulk mark all notifications as read.  
    Select View all to see all notifications in the system 

Defect Fixes 

SSO Manager 

We were able to resolve the following defects as part of this migration to Graph API.  

  • SSO Manager: [DirSync] Group sync from Passly to O365.  
  • SSO Manager: [M365] Production Error during one time user import for O365  
  • SSO Manager: [M365] The error message appears after entering correct Microsoft Graph API data and clicking Verify button in O365 application 
  • SSO Manager: [O365] Sync users enabled even if disabled  
  • SSO Manager: [M365] Groups with old name aren't removed from Azure AD when changing group name in Passly  
  • SSO Manager: [M365] Users are not synced when "Principal Name" is set as a sync source  
  • SSO Manager: [M365] Several groups with the same name in Passly are synced to one existing Azure group with the same name 

User experience 

  • IT Complete: The name of the tab is duplicated for several modules/sub-modules. We have cleaned up this page. The text and font are aligned with the reset of the UI now. 
  • IT Complete: The toggle doesn't switch on when clicked on it in IT Complete tab. This is now resolved, and all customers should be able to enable this feature without issues. 
  • IT Complete: Notifications design issue. This issue is now resolved.  


Directory Manager 

  • Directory Manager: [DirSync] Local groups aren't synced with AD groups of the same name after installing DirSync agent and using Agent merge option. This issue is now resolved. 


Darkweb ID Integration 

  • Darkweb ID integration: Compromises are not shown at user profile for specific client. This issue is now resolved. 




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