Release Notes for Recovery Series, Recovery Max, ION/ION+, and Unitrends Backup 10.6.2

This document describes new features and fixes introduced in the 10.6.2 release. For upgrade instructions and considerations, reference the Upgrade Guide for Recovery Series, Recovery MAX, ION/ION+, and Unitrends Backup.



Windows Server 2022 and Windows 11

Release 10.6.2 extends Windows support to include file-level and image-level protection of Windows Server 2022 and Windows 11. To protect these Windows environments:

  • The Unitrends appliance must be running release 10.6.2 or higher.
  • The Windows asset must be running agent release 10.6.2 or higher.
  • The Windows Replica feature is not supported for Windows Server 2022 and Windows 11. Replicas will be supported in an upcoming release.
  • The following Windows Server 2022 features are not yet supported:
    • Nano Servers (this deployment option does not install VSS components, which are required for agent backups)
    • Windows Containers, such as Kubernetes clusters
    • Shielded VMs
    • Storage Spaces Direct
    • Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) deployments



Hyper-V Server 2022

This release adds support for Hyper-V 2022 environments. You can now protect virtual machines that reside on Hyper-V 2022 Server by running host-level backups.



Deploying the Unitrends Backup virtual appliance to Hyper-V Server 2022 will be supported in an upcoming release.



Windows agent

This release includes updated Windows core and bare metal agents. The 10.6.2 core agent is recommended for all Windows assets and is required to protect Windows Server 2022 and Windows 11 assets.



The 10.6.1 Windows agent included an updated Windows Volume changed block tracking (CBT) driver (used for incremental image-level backups). Note the following:

  • Upon installing the 10.6.2 agent on a Windows asset for the first time, a reboot of the Windows
    machine is required.
  • If upgrading from a pre-10.6.1 agent release, a reboot is required to update the CBT driver, but incrementals continue to run as scheduled until you can reboot the Windows machine.
  • Unitrends has implemented a new agent CBT driver process. With this new process, a reboot of the Windows machine will only be required for major CBT version changes. Major driver changes are very infrequent, incremental backups will not be impacted.




The table below lists fixes included in this release. Unless stated otherwise, you can apply each fix by simply upgrading your appliance.

Component   Fix
Data Copy
Access (DCA)
  • Resolved a timer issue that could result in running multiple instances of a scheduled DCA job, causing the jobs to fail.
  • Resolved an issue where, in some cases, appliance storage utilization was displayed incorrectly in the UI.
User interface
  • Configure > Appliances – Fixed an issue that caused the Configure > Appliances page to load very slowly on some appliances running older Unitrends versions.
  • Ransomware alerts – The KB article link in ransomware alerts now points to the correct Knowledge Base article.



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