Passly 7.2.0 - Release Notes

Date: March 24, 2022

Defect Fixes 

Directory manager 

Just in Time 2FA 

  • Just in Time: JIT authentication doesn't work for a child organization account. Using a child organization group will no longer be an issue, this issue is resolved. 


  • Users: Unable to import users from CSV file. CSV imports are now working again. 
  • Users: User filter only displays 25 groups. This is now resolved, and all groups will show. 
  • Directory synchronization: OU Merging issue 
    We are erroneously merging the OU structure when we are uploading the OU’s to Passly. Specifically, the ‘MergeStructure’ method in the directory tree class. 
    There were 2 issues: 
    Create a working directory sync implementation where you have control of the ad OU’s. 
    View the OU changes in Passly -> Dirsync agent -> listed OU's 
    Resolved behaviour: 
    - When I rename an OU, I should see the newly renamed OU and not the OU before it was renamed. 
    - When I delete a child OU that has the same name as a root OU, the child OU should be removed, Not the root OU. 
  • Directory synchronization: Users and Groups added into a Group in AD do not appear in Directory Manager 
    Precondition:  There is a Group#1 in AD, it has some Users as members (e.g., User#1) and Groups (e.g., Group#1_1). 
    Actual result: Users and Child Groups are not added to the Parent Group after the DirSync 
    Expected result: Hierarchy that was created in AD should remain in Passly (and groups synced correctly; user membership to groups is also synced) 
    This is now working as expected 
  • Directory synchronization: Users aren't group members after synced to Passly from Active Directory. This is now resolved. 
  • Directory synchronization: We have cleaned up the user interface to remove confusing icons with selecting Organization Units.  
  • Directory synchronization: Groups and users that were not previously selected are selected after manual sync is started. This issue is now resolved. 

Note: For Directory Synchronization updates to occur you will need to upgrade the existing agent. Please see this KB 

Dark Web ID Integration 

  • We have completed the migration to Dark Web ID Compromise Engine 2.0. We are now using the most up to date database in Passly.
  • Integration: Integration with Dark Web ID doesn`t work on Directory Manager/Users/User profile. This is now resolved and will display correctly when users are found in a matching organisation.
  • Integration: Compromises column name is missing. This is resolved now. 
  • Integration: Mouse pointer does not change when hover over compromised icon. This is resolved now.  
  • Integration: Directory Manager / Compromised organization icon does not change. This is resolved now. 

Password server 

Password Server: Export fails 'Your file is available' notification doesn't appear in the notification bell after successfully exporting passwords. This is resolved now. 


User interface 

We have added more features to support Kaseya’s IT Complete initiative.  

  • Breadcrumbs. You will now see breadcrumbs showing the path of where you are in the interface.
  • Typography update. Passly now has a more common feel with other Kaseya suite products. 
  • Left Menu collapsing. The left menu in Passly will now collapse to show more space in the interface. 


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