Traverse 9.6.4 - 17th January 2022

Traverse 9.6.4 includes enhancements, improvements and bug fixes. See the topic below for details.


BMS Integration

  • As promised, we've updated the BMS Integration including

Upgraded setup experience with the ability to provide Traverse Department to BMS Account mappings Sync asset information Provided additional feedback in the unlikely event that the integration experiences communication issues Note: Asset sync may take a significant amount of time on initial configuration

Bug Fixes

Action & Notification

  • The issue with the "Test Now" button within Action Profiles.

Generic Issue

  • We have temporarily disabled Traverse mobile page.

Permissions/Security Model

  • Resolved! The issue with LDAP users being unable to log in under certain circumstances.

Security & Vulnerability

  • Various security improvements.

Content: Device Signatures

  • Fix to SmartOptics and Aruba WLC signatures.


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