Traverse 9.7.6 - 6th November 2023

Traverse 9.7.6 includes new features and bug fixes. See the topics below for details.

New Features

Test Discovery/Parameter Rediscovery

  • Improved SNMP monitoring performance. Introduced supporting SHA 256, and SHA 512 for SNMP V3 authentication.
    Note: Traverse has been updated to Java 17. We also upgraded to Fastobject14. For this reason, to enable proper report generation Linux servers will require installing additional packets.

    In order to generate reports on Linux servers you need to add the following packets yum install fontconfig.
    Centos 7.9 is supported but in the future, we are switching to Alma.


Integrated Customer Billing for Autotask and BMS

  • This release includes the capability for BMS and Autotask to update contracts with each customer’s usage of Traverse products. Intuitively map consumption data from Traverse to BMS and Autotask services. 

     Integrated Customer Billing is a new feature introduced as part of billing automation. Eliminate hours of manual reconciliation and optimize your revenue. 

    • In BMS Integrated Customer Billing is now available under Finance > Contracts > Recurring Services. The Integrated Customer Billing tab shows under Automated Billing options. Find the detailed guide here.  
    • In Autotask Integrated Customer Billing is now available under Admin > Extensions & Integrations > Kaseya Integrations > Integrated Customer Billing. Find the detailed guide here.

Bug Fixes

Event Manager and Sources

  • Fixed a deadlock issue on the event management page.

Generic Issue

  • Fixed file sync when BVE and DGEx are on different OSs.
  • Fixed the issue with moving devices from one DGE-X to another DGE-X [only Windows installers]
  • Fixed several network issues.
  • Fixed organizational sorting.


  • Fixed the BVE API issue and monitor service start.

Security Vulnerability

  • Fixed a medium security issue.

UI Workflow/Usability

  • Fixed search on the Events page.


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