Traverse 9.7.9 - 4th March 2024

Traverse 9.7.9 includes enhancements and bug fixes. See the topics below for the details.


IT Complete

  • Enhanced IT Complete user mapping, and introduced just-in-time provisioning. 
  • Restyled the manage scheduled maintenance page according to the common look and feel.
  • Made email a mandatory field for users.


Event Manager & Sources

  • Fixed an issue with Windows events arriving late at the WMI Event Listener.

Software Installer/ Packaging

  • Fixed a minor issue with the dgex installer working.

Test Discovery/Parameter Discovery

  • Fixed a jmx tests provisioning issue.


  • Fixed a Netflow Console issue.
Note: Traverse has been updated to Java 17. We also upgraded to Fastobject14. For this reason, to enable proper report generation Linux servers will require installing additional packets: yum install fontconfig







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