Traverse 9.7.5 - 4th October 2023

Traverse 9.7.5 includes bug fixes. See the topics below for details.

Bug Fixes

Mib Browser

  • Fixed the MIB browser.

Test Discovery / Parameter Rediscovery

  • Fixed the issue when the CSV Import of devices ignored automation profiles.

Kaseya IT Complete 

  • To get a common look and feel across other Kaseya products we restyled our config management, MIB browser, and some super user pages.

The public IP address of the SaaS instance will be changed unless it is an elastic IP.

In order to mitigate CSRF attacks Traverse blocks requests from other domains.

In case you need to bypass it (for example in case you use Azure AD SSO) you need to add the domain to the parameter. this parameter can be a list of domains separated by a comma


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