How to read the Feature String of a Unitrends RecoveryOS system


This article describes the values presented in the Unitrends Feature String used for product licensing.


How to read the Feature String of a Unitrends RecoveryOS or UB system


Base Feature String:  J=120,CSS=10,MUX=x,RC=yG,VC=yG,D2D=yG,ADX,ENC,NDMP=0,MKT=?
MKT=3 or MKT=4 to license feature indicates Enterprise Plus  All Gen 9 systems are MKT=4.  

The values of the Feature Sting determine the capabilities of the Unitrends system. Exceeding the values may result in the Unitrends system preventing normal operation until the excess has been removed or the licensed updated to exceed the value.

The below is an example of a feature string with values and their meaning.  In most cases all of these values will not be concurrently present, but, this example correlates all possible entries in the feature string.  

ENTRB,MUX=10,VC=INF,RC=INF,D2D=INF,SOC=4,SRV=2,APP=2,WRK=2,ENC,ADX,MKT=4,NDMP=1 (Example of possible features only, this not a valid feature string)
   - ENTRB or ENTRR: ​Enterprises type Unitrends Backup Licensing
   - NFR = Not for Resale license - protect unlimited VMs residing on a 2 socket host (or 2 hosts, 1 socket each) using virtual protection, and 2 Client Agent based license for protecting up to 2 Servers licenses and 2 Application.
   - TRIAL: Asset is in its trial period and has an expiration date..
   - FREE: Legacy license for registered without support. Operates without deduplication nor special functions. Maximum storage may also be limited.
   - MUX: Maximum number of backups at a time (max value depends on hardware tier or UB platform type)
   - VC/RC/D2D: Maximum storage allocation for Vaulting/Replication/Storage
   - SOC: Number of total physical processors per hypervisor host.
(e.g.: 2x Hosts Computers with 2x Processor sockets = 4 Sockets)
   - SRV: Number of Physical Servers via Agent Based Backup (2)
   - APP: Number Application Aware Backups (2)
   - WRK: Number of Non-Server, Agent Based backups (2)
   - ENC: Encryption enabled
   - ADX: Advanced Archiving enabled (Tape, NAS, Cloud Services)
   - MKT = This determines the license Market value which is one of the following: Essentials (1), Standard(2), Enterprise(3), Enterprise Plus(4)
   - NDMP = Network Data Management Protocol enabled for x number of nodes (1)


For more information please review the following documents and KBs:

Unitrends Backup FAQ:
Unitrends Backup Resourced Based License KB 2680:
What is the Server value in a licenseK KB2689:​

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