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O365 SharePoint Sites not detected for O365 backup


When adding Unitrends Cloud Backup for O365 with Sharepoint protection, some sites may not be properly detected for backup.


When configuring O365 sharepoint backups, it may be noted that some sites are not being properly detected.  

This may occur if the default permissions in O365 have been modified for a site.  By default, all global admins have rights to all sites, and this includes some additional internal Microsoft API accounts and services.  If those have been modified or removed, O365 backup will not have access to those sites. 



Customer performed the actions below using the 5 accounts listed below.  Accounts listed below are examples of what the account names should look like.

Built a Security group in Office 365 added the 5 accounts to the security group
And then added the security group to the site as a share point admin


If you do not know how to add these accounts, please contact your Microsoft Office 365 support representatives.  Unitrends Support cannot assist you in adding or modifying permissions in your cloud.  


All of the above users need to have FULL access rights to all sites in order for Auto Discovery from Unitrends Office365 backup to work. 

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