How to register for a Unitrends Backup (UB) trial


How do I register my trial UB?


First, visit the Downloads page to download the UB version which supports your hypervisor. Review the Deployment Best Practices for Unitrends Backup and the deployment guide targeted for your hypervisor located on the Documentation page.


Once you have deployed your UB, register your UB. This will provide your trial support period allowing you access to software updates and support.


To register your UB, navigate to: Configure -> Appliances tab -> select the appliance -> Edit -> License tab -> Update.

On the new page that opens, select Start My Free Trial.


Hint: The new page will open in as a new popup window. If nothing opens after the Gathering Data screen, please verify your browser isn't blocking new windows/tabs. You can also try registering from a different browser.

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