REPORTS: Backup History


How to create the Backup History Report which will give you a spreadsheet of all the backups on the selected Appliance


I want to see what backups are on my Unitrends Appliance based on specific dates.

How do I create the Backup History Report?


The BACKUP HISTORY REPORT is the best location for comprehensive information about all backups on your Unitrends Appliance whether the were successful or failed. Use this report to show the history of your backups, find out additional information about the data collected, or finding out why the backup failed and suggestions on how to resolve known errors detected during the backup process.

Follow the instructions below in the Tasks section to obtain this report and other reports such as the Protected Assets (aka Capacity Report).



Log into the HTML5 /ui/ Web Administrative Interface and...

  1. Click the REPORTS page on the left.
  2. For the Category, select BACKUP.
  3. Click on the BACKUP HISTORY from the Available Reports.
  4. Choose the Appliance you want the report from and the Date Range From and To value.
    NOTE: For all data on the appliance, just change the From year value to a date you know is older than when you started taking the first backups.
  5. Click on Generate Report. This may take a few minutes depending on the Appliance you have selected and the amount of data that needs to be compiled.

You can also add or remove various columns from the PROTECT, JOBS, and REPORTS tab to help you get more details about the data you are collecting and retaining.


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