Redirect WinIR logging to the Samba share


Used to troubleshoot failing WinIR restores.


Need WinIR logging for troubleshooting 


  • (Tip - You should run these commands from within the WinIR instance.  To pull up the registry, in the CMD window, type regedit, etc.)
  • The process for redirecting logging to the samba share for WinIR restores is as follows:
  • Create the WinIR machine in the Unitrends UI.
  • After the machine is created, but before the first restore, stop tasker.
  • Via VNC, add the samba share as a mount in the WinIR instance-
    net use k: \\DPU IP\samba\specific_directory.
    example: net use k: \\\samba\test
  • Prep the remote directory:
    mkdir k:\pcbp
    cd z:\pcbp
    xcopy /s/e *.* k:\pcbp
  • Edit the master.ini on K: and change the wbps log level to log level 3.
  • Change BPDIR in the WinIR instance registry to:
    HKLM>Software>Unitrends>Backup Professional>
    Z:\PCBP => K:\PCBP
  • Start tasker to let restores proceed. 

    At this point, your logging for the restores should now be in the specified samba directory.
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