Exchange 2013 not showing or dissapeared from UI


Exchange 2013 application, or the databases associated with it, are not longer visible in the UI with client agent versions 9.0.0-6 - 9.0.0-12.


This applies specifically to system running the 9.0.0-6 or 9.0.0-12 Windows agent on Exchange 2013 Servers patched to CU11 or higher. 

Exchange icon in RC or Satori for an exchange client will disappear, or, icon is present but no databases are listed.  

Upon analyzing the WBPS log at log level 5, there will be detection of Exchange 2016, even though it is not present.


  • Downgrade to release 9.0.0-5 (currently available on FTP site)
  • Upgrade to 9.0.0-13 (when released)


The 9.0.0-6 and later agents are able to detect components of Exchange 2016.  Due to Exchange 2013 updated support for being a member of a 2016 DAG group, this has triggered latent code to detect that compatibility and is misrepresenting the exchange version.  As Exchange 2016 is not yet supported, the UI will not display it.  Backups DO continue to work if prior scheduled, but cannot be edited.

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