How to Determine the Product Version


This article outlines the steps to determine which version of the Unitrends software is installed.


Determine the version of Unitrends software by following the steps outlined below, specific to which product is being used. If you need to open a support case, indicating the specific software version will help resolve the case faster.

Recovery-Series Appliance & Unitrends Enterprise Backup

  1. Go to About > System Information
  2. A window opens with system information and version:
Unitrends RS/UEB System Information Screen

Unitrends Virtual Backup
  1. Go to Configure > Environments
  2. Your version number is displayed in the table
Unitrends UVB Environments Screen

  1. Go to Admin > About ReliableDR
  2. A window opens with the system version and copyright notice
Unitrends ReliableDR System Version Screen

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