Can no longer access the Administrative or Command Line Interfaces (disk or partition errors on the Console)


You can no longer access the Administrative or Command Line Interfaces. If you connect a keyboard and Monitor to the system, you will not see the Unitrends Enterprise Backup Console Interface, but instead may see indications of a disk or partition error.


RESOLUTION: Swap the active disk order in the BIOS from P0 to P1.
 - Restart the Unitrends system and press the Delete key until you are prompted for a password.
 - Enter the password of: backup
 - From the BIOS menu, select the section for BOOT processes.
 - Choose the HARD DISKS option. Change the boot order so that P0 is the first disk, and P1 is the second diks.
 - Press the F10 key to save the changes and reboot they system.


This can occur if the data can no longer be accessible on the disks due to a power failure, failing disks, of file corruption.

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