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How to upgrade the appliance via DVD


Update using DVD update media when system does not have internet access


Need to upgrade appliance, but either FTP is blocked or the system is not able to connect to the internet.



    The upgrade script will handle all procedures necessary to upgrade the system from one software release to the next. The procedures include; mounting the upgrade DVD media, performing the upgrade, ejecting the upgrade DVD, and finally rebooting the system.

    The is located at as:

    • upgradeRelease.sh_6.1.1-2+
    • upgradeRelease.sh_pre6.1.1-2

    Once downloaded, the script should be renamed "", following the instructions below.

    The correct script to download is the script for the version you are upgrading TO, not the version you currently are running.

    It is necessary to upgrade in "steps" to the following releases if you are not already running release 7.x or higher:   5.x -> 6.1.1-3 -> 6.2.0-1 -> 6.4.1-2 -> most recent

      1. If you are logged at the physical console, click CTRL-ALT-F1 to log in from the terminal. Login credentials are the same (root/unitrends1)
      2. Copy the script to a USB device.
      3. Insert the USB device into the DPU.
      4. Run: fdisk –l and note the device with FAT32 system sdX#  (this is the USB device).
      5. Run: mount –t vfat /dev/sdX# /mnt/source. (mounts the USB.)
      6. Type: cp /mnt/source/upgradeRelease*.sh /root/  (copies the upgrade script to /root folder.)
      7. Run: chmod +x /root/ (makes upgrade script executable.)
      8. Run: umount /mnt/source (unmounts USB device.)
      9. Remove the USB device.
      10. Insert the upgrade DVD.
      11. Type: /root/

      For Systems upgrading via media starting at 8.1 and beyond a two new options are available for upgrading.
      1. Upgrading from the samba directory
      2. Upgrading from USB
      Either option will require the following steps to be performed.
      1. Download the or the, and copy the script to the Unitrends appliance. You can follow the same method above to perform this operation.
      2. Download the ISO, and store the file (without burning to DVD) in either a USB that will be attached to the Unitrends appliance or to the samba share of the Unitrends appliance.
      3. execute the or the with either the -samba flag or the -usb flag. This depends on where the iso was stored at in the previous step.
        1. ​# /root/ -samba
        2. # /root/ -usb
      4. Follow the prompts presented by the script.


      All Procedures must be performed from the command line.

      The upgrade DVD cannot be used to image the DPU.

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