How can I find imaging media for an older release?

The latest Unitrends imaging media is made available on the Unitrends support site.  If an older version is required, it can be found on the Unitrends S3 air gap update repository.


1. Navigate to

2. Search for the version required.

Example: For the 10.5.4 CentOS 7 imaging media, search "1054":


*Note: You will see two listings for each OS version. The iso itself plus the md5 checksum. 


3. Please close attention to the key identifier fields, such as the operating system (CentOS 7/el7 or CentOS 6/el6) and the software version. Note: CentOS 6 imaging media is only available for versions 10.3.5 and 8.0. 

Ex: <Key>ROS1054_usb.el7.x86_64-070221_1329.iso</Key>


4. Once the correct version is identified, add the file path to the end of the url as shown below.

5. Now enter the url into your browser and download the required air gap update media.



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