Windows Instant Recovery using a Virtual Failover Client into a Recovery-Series Unitrends Physical Appliance.


  1. Please review KB 4453 so that you can consider the use and location of the Virtual Failover Client for the Instant Recovery
  2. Before you perform the restore, you must configure the virtual network for Windows instant recovery using the “Unitrends Bridge”. This is a critical component, that if not setup, will lead to communication issues with the VFC. It is found in the “Setting up the network bridge” section.
  3. You must allocating storage for Windows instant recovery. The amount of storage you allocate for Instant Recovery on the Appliance should be greater than the sum of the used space on all of the original clients for which you will create VFCs. I would recommend increasing this value 20% should there be a need for growth and changes.
  4. You can now perform the Instant Recovery.

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