How to Install Hyper-v Integration Services


The Integration Services are software packages that improve integration between the virtualization server and the virtual machine. They are required for proper backup and communication between Unitrends <> Hyper-v <> Guest Operating System.

In order to be able to install Integration Services, you must be a membership in the local Administrators group, or equivalent. However, an Administrator can use Authorization Manager to modify the Authorization Policy so that a user or group of users can complete this procedure. For more information, see Using Authorization Manager for Hyper-V Security ( 



NOTE: These instructions are being provided as a convenience, as is. Please contact Microsoft for any issues or questions concerning the use, installation, and support of the Microsoft Hyper-v Integration Services.

To install the Integration Services, connect to the virtual machine. From the Virtual Machines section of the results pane, using one of the following methods:

Right-click the name of the virtual machine and click Connect.
Select the name of the virtual machine. In the Action pane, click Connect.
The Virtual Machine Connection tool opens.

From the Action menu of Virtual Machine Connection, click Insert Integration Services Setup Disk. This action loads the setup disk in the virtual DVD drive. If Autorun does not start the installation automatically, you may need to start the installation manually.


Click anywhere in the guest operating system window and navigate to the CD drive. Use the method that is appropriate for the guest operating system to start the installation package from the CD drive (such as AutoPlay).


If the Insert Integration Services Setup Disk doesn't work, make sure you have Integration Services Setup captured in guest computer as showing below. You may be able to run the setup.exe from Integration Services Setup\support\x86.


If you don't have Integration Services Setup captured, check Media > DVD Drive, make sure you have vmguest.iso (Eject vmguest.iso). If not, you may need to reboot the guest server.

In Hyper-v 2016 and newer, compatible Windows Guest VMs will automatically have the Integration Services installed. You can access the Integration Services from the Hyper-V Manger, editing the Guest VM, and scrolling down to Integration Services.

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The Network Interface Controller may not work after creating a Virtual Machine until you install the Integration Services.

The Mouse can't move outside of the virtual machine window unless you press Ctrl+Alt_Left Arrow keys.

The use of Virtual Machine Connection within a Remote Desktop Services session is not supported unless integration services are installed. 


LINUX SUPPORT: Integration services for supported Linux operating systems are not included with an installation of Hyper-V. They are distributed through the Microsoft Download Center. For more information, see Linux Integration Components for Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V R2 ( in the Microsoft Download Center.

Supported Linux and FreeBSD virtual machines for Hyper-V:
Linux Integration Services Version 4.1 for Hyper-V:
Linux Integration Services Version 4.2 for Hyper-V:

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