Run a Job or Schedule as a one time Full or Master to reset the backup chain set and Journal


Microsoft Change Journal and the Microsoft VSS writers may get cleared/reset. When this occurs, the data that is used for tracking and verifying changes is not the same as what we have on record. This leads to a continues failure that can only be reset by forcing a new 1-Time Full/Master.


When backing up a Microsoft based OS or database, always verify that there are no VSS writers in a failed state. Microsoft VSS is how we receive the data, so if they are in a failed state or not operational, we can not receive data.

A 1-Time Full/Master does not occur by running the same schedule. You have to manually execute the new request. Using the new HTML5 Administrative Interface, if your schedule is simple and protects all disks, you can simple go through the motion of creating a new Backup schedule, but when you get to the Schedule options, choose NOW and when you click Save, it will run the job in a few moments (it will be listed in the Active Jobs).

Otherwise, you will need to perform this from the Legacy Administrative Interface:

  1.  Select the Unitrends name in the Navigation Pane.
  2.  Click Backups from the top Main Menu.
  3.  When the Center window repopulates, click on the long Schedules icon at the far right.
  4.  Select the Job schedule, and click Modify.
  5.  Click the 1-Time Backup icon.
  6.  Click FULL.
  7.  Uncheck any computers you do not want to run the job on, then click BACKUP at the bottom right.
  8.  Once the job indicates it is running, click the Schedules icon again, then click Cancel below to see the list of schedules again.

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