Testing the health of an on-board NIC


Testing the health of an on-board NIC



Rule out the on-board NIC on physical systems as the root cause of network problems


If you’re having problems connecting to clients, one possible cause could be a non-functioning NIC on the physical appliance. Running the command in the Resolution section may help to rule this out as a possibility.


There are many things that can cause loss of network connectivity, including faulty Ethernet cables, improper switch/router configuration, or faulty hardware. This command will help you rule out the on-board NIC on the Unitrends physical system being the root cause of the issue.


***NOTE: This command should NOT be run remotely. It will cause the network service to stop, so it must be run from the console.***

ethtool –t eth0

The output of the command tells you the health of the NIC. After you’re returned to the command prompt, run the following command to start the network service:

service network restart


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