I cannot access or log into backup.net or login.backup.net portal today.


What to do when you cannot access the into backup.net or login.backup.net management portal


What to do when you cannot access the backup.net management portal


  1. Check the monitoring service at https://status.kaseya.net/ to see if the service you are trying to access is currently under maintenance. You can subscribe to this service and choose what topics you want to be notified about.
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  1. Check that the browser is supported for this service. This site uses HTML5 coding.
  2. Clear the browser cache. Sometimes the browser doesn't pull down latest data and instead presents stale data from its cache, which then causes future browsing issues when the reference point is required.
If you continue to have issues, please start a Unitrends Support Case so we can look into this for you. Please include at least one Asset Tag (that has an active support contract and is on or using the service you need help with) with your request.


1) The site or service you are trying to access is currently undergoing maintenance
2) The cache in your browser is being used instead of the real time data of the service on the site.
3) The computer or browser you are using is not compatible.


You can subscribe to the status service at any time by going to status.kaseya.net and clicking on the Subscribe button on the top right of the page. If you want to edit your subscription, just click on the Manage Existing Subscription link below the email box.

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