REPORTS: Adding Columns to get more comprehensive report data.


You can add additional columns to get more comprehensive reports to help you make better decisions about your data and retention.


How can get more information in the various Tabs and REPORTS so that I can make better decisions about your data and retention?


You can fine-tune the information presented in your display and reports which in turn can help understand what data you are collecting. Use this information to help you with the daily and long-term administration of your data and its retention on your Unitrends appliance.


In the PROTECT, JOBS, and REPORTS areas of the UI, you can add or remove information from columnated reports as needed to help you get a better view of your data by showing or hiding tabs. Reports that can be customized have a 3 bar icon at the far right of the report header column as seen in the image below.  

User-added image

Click the icon and then within the list of available columns enable or disable them as needed.  

Column settings should persist when using the same browser and logged in user.  Report settings do not persist between users.  These settings do not impact emailed reports, only reports displayed in UI.  

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