Running a 1-time Archive (Archive Now in Legacy Administrative Interface)


Running a 1-time Archive (Archive Now in Legacy Administrative Interface)


 To perform this in the Legacy Interface:

  1. Click on Archive > Archive Now
  2. Choose a Date Range. The recommended option is Last Backups, which will copy the current backup set for the selected Clients to Archive to the Target of Archive media you choose.
  3. Choose the Clients to Archive. (NOTE: If you need granular control over what Virtual Machines you want to select, you have to create an independent job, where you select the vCenter item to expect the list of VMs to Archive section).
  4. Select the Backup Types to Archive you need to collect (Masters, Fulls, Incrementals, etc.) Clicking All types is the safest bet as long as you have enough space.
  5. Click Target of Archive to show the archive media options and select one.
  6. Select the Archive Options. (NOTE: Selecting Encryption causes the copied data to be encrypted but not compressed.).
  7. If you choose a Retention Period:
    • Choose Overwrite to overwrite the medium prior to the archive write.
    • Choose Purge to delete older data after the archive has successfully be copied to the medium. Be sure to choose a value that allows for at least 1 to 2 more archive writes to the medium.
    • Never choose Overwrite for a NAS (it erases everything it has access to).
  8. Click Test to get a rough estimate of the size of the copy and if it will fit on the Archive Media.
  9. Click Archive to begin the one time Archive job.

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