Columns in the UI may be visually shrinking making them unreadable


Columns in the UI may become unreadable.


Columns of information in the major UI tabs (Protect, Recover, Jobs, etc.) may collapse to the left side of the screen, becoming unreadable.  
This issue is seen when the browser is zoomed to a value other than 100%.  This issue is rare, not universal, and is commonly seen only when a customer has multiple tabs open at non-default zoom levels.  


To resolve this issue, adjust your browser zoom level back to 100% and reload your browser or tab.  
Unitrends recommends using our UI on a 1080 vertical widescreen display.  It should be unnecessary to zoom the UI on screens of that resolution or larger. 


The way some browsers calculate width for dynamically updating table spaces in zoom modes may result in timing issues on page reffesh that causes the table width to be improperly recalculated and resized repeatedly.  This is a defect in the browser's own code.  Resolving this issue may be done by changing to a different method of table architecture that does not use dynamic width calculations. Unitrends has resolved this issue for future releases by changing table architecture to an alternate method of displaying data instead of relying on browser delta tables.  A resolution for this will be available in Unitrends next GA release after 10.1.0-2.  

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