Kroll fails to load Exchange 2013 SP1 user mailbox from source


Kroll PowerControls users receive a detailed error stating critical information is missing when attempting to read mailbox info on 2013 SP1 exchange backups



Users who have upgraded to Exchange 2013 SP1 and use Kroll Ontrack Power Controls for Exchange release 7.2.0.x or older may receive a large and cryptic message on reading inbox data for some users. The error will indicate required information is missing or logs may be missing or corrupt.


This is a false error.


Kroll release 7.2.1 specifically addresses the changes implemented by Microsoft is PSP1 for Exchange Server 2013.   The 7.2.1 version is compatible with 7.2 licenses and can be downloaded from Kroll's website directly.   If users are on release 7.1 or older they will need to contact Unitrends Support and provide their existing license file for Kroll to receive an updated license compatible with the 7.2 release.

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